The importance of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy represents a process of self-knowledge, of self-discovery and the possibility of internal transformation which seeks the understanding of personality the be in depth.
The goal of therapy going on for allowing to explore and discover that you don’t know about yourself of your identity, your experience, story and pain.
Often the human being seeks to help in a situation of extreme suffering became unbearable by itself and with the resources available. In fact, psychological Forum has nothing to do with being fragile, but have been for too long. Psychotherapy more than a therapeutic process necessary for disease, represents a path to development of more resources for dealing with concussions that are living through life.
Whereas our personality is conditioned by a set of genetic factors, organic, meaningful experiences experienced and internal representations created that influences how we conduct and we connect with ourselves, with the world and with others, allow us to initiate a therapeutic process, means giving us the opportunity to devote ourselves to self-knowledge acquired in a special kind of conversation, in which the patient speak freely what you feel need a therapist who listens carefully, questioning appropriately at the right time, totally impartial, confidential and free from judgments or judgments.
Represents allow us to find out a lot about ourselves, become aware and break patterns, reissuing our story leading to a significant improvement intrapsíquicas and interpersonal relations.
The therapy has as the pillar of confidence that therapeutic relationship is established through the empathy generated by the therapist, allowing the patient to feel understood and also supported to discover for yourself what needs to be changed in your inner world