Equilibrium Clinic was created thinking of all those who seek for their own mental and emotional balance in order to live more satisfactorily and richly in the face of the vicissitudes of life. There are countless scientific, technical, therapeutic forms, adjusted to what is personal and transferable, other than our DNA … our inner world.
Where chaos and pain can give way to serenity and Love.

Search and find your equilibrium…

PhD. Raquel Machado

Clinical Psychologist

  • PH. D. degree in Clinical Psychology;
  • Diamond Therapy ® Course taught by PhD Rosa Basto: Clinical Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Regressive Hypnosis, Anamnesis, Hypnosis Psychopathology and Neuroanatomy ;
  • Post – Graduation attendance in Somatic Psychotherapy in Biosynthesis;
  • Hypnotherapy validated by the International Association of Clinical Hypnosis and Integrating Therapies (AIHCTI);

From a very early age I have questionedwhat each human being thinksand feelsin every moment of theirexistence. I quickly realized that the psyche is a vast world to unravel. Bystudying psychology I felt more impelled tosearch forthe genesis of human behavior and several doors opened. I learned from great masters over these 14 years, having come to the time to start a new cycle, where each of us can be the author of the change they see in themselves.

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